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Men's 2nd Team

The Men's 2nd team was formed more than 8 years ago to strengthen the then U18 boys team, by giving them regular high level competition, to improve their chances in the national competition of their own age group.

Since then, as well as continuing to develop junior players, it has provided a path for player progression into the men's 1st team. As it has the mantle of development, the squad now has a balance of youth and experience, with the emphasis definitely favouring 'youth'. The men's 2nd team has been known on a number of occasions to play National League fixtures with a team whose average age is under 18!

This is great for club longevity, and personal player development, with many players going on to play in the Super 8s - the top level in the country, and winning junior and full international caps. Although there is a natural migration when players leave the area to study at University, there is always a new, home bred generation of players hungry to play in the National Volleyball League for the Mighty 'Castle!